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Ayu Water Spa is taken from Spanish that mean I raised.

The COVID impact on the Wellness Industry and Spa Trends.

The spa experience is no longer simply about pampering; spas are now required to offer an extensive menu of healing therapies for the body, mind and soul.

After the pandemic, people will prioritize the health of their bodies and minds, spa and wellness will be one of the ways how to keep our bodies and minds in shape, foreseen hospitality businesses with a spa or health & wellness offering are set to reap the benefits.

Ayu Water Spa is professionally providing leading products in the creating, development, and performance of spa & wellness. We create and manage spas according to clients’ requests (Standard Spa – Luxury Spa), specialist brands & services designed to provide a unique experience for guests to maximize commercial performance and difference for our clients.

While the spa menu may differ from location to location, the spas all share a common emphasis on beauty, rejuvenation and exotic indulgence for body, mind and soul.